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Organic methods.

Premium Quality.

Before Proposition 215 passed in 1996, our team was a group dedicated to the plant. Deep-rooted in the know, a member of our group was mentored by Jack Herer and collected signatures prior to the passing of the historical vote in 1996. Others went to college but most have been touching the plant ever since. The power of this plant has manifested in the group, and the passion is real. We hope you taste the difference in the products we distribute. 


We take pride in representing and supporting Humboldt County farmers, who paved the way and are committed to superiority. Unlike other more traditional corporate industries, in cannabis, bigger is not the best. We were activists, students, artists, outlaws, tree huggers, and hippies first, before having to enter the corporate cannabis space.


We're a small mom & pop company. We've been in the cannabis industry long before it was regulated. We have long lasting relationships with local growers. This allows us to get some of the highest quality cannabis in California. Our company is run with integrity and respect for cannabis.

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